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Advanced Directives with AngularJS (Part 2)

Two years in the making; just released and fresh off the presses it’s yet another screencast covering everybodys favorite enterprise JS framework: Angular JS!

In all seriousness, I had a hard time considering whether or not to publish this screencast because I found myself questioning whether the content would still be relevant almost two years later. However, in revisiting all the comments and questions about the alluded-to “part 2” from the first video I felt like there were still valuable things to talk about. At the heart of this screencast is discussion around what I consider one of the most valuable features of angular: the ability to use custom elements as a domain-specific language (DSL) to ease the wrapping and use of 3rd party libraries.

This screencast continues the examination of some of the advanced features in Angular from Advanced Directives with Angular JS and expands by tackling some of the issues raised in Part 1 including:

  • bugfixes for the inline editor
  • auto toggling of editing state using CSS content generation and the angular $scope
  • leveraging the DSL from the first screencast as an interface to a 3rd party JavaScript data grid component: js-grid

If you’re interested in some more context prior to watching, check out my other angular screencasts and an earlier post on the power of web components as abstractions.

Hopefully the next screencast series won’t take 2 years to complete ;)



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