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End to End with Angular JS

This is an extension of my screencast Intro to Angular JS that focuses more on intermediate/advanced topics and walks through creating a working web application on top of the Laravel 4 Web Application Framework.

Things you can expect to learn:

  • $http
  • $rootScope
  • taking the AuthenticationService we built earlier end-to-end
  • creating a FlashService for displaying alerts to users
  • access control for client-side routes with $rootScope and $routeProvider
  • $httpProvider.responseInterceptors and logging out users automatically if serverside sessions expire
  • $routeProvider.resolve property and making view rendering data dependent
  • laravel 4 migrations, controllers, models, and authentication


This is part of a screencast series on Angular JS

  1. Intro to Angular JS
  2. End to End with Angular JS
  3. Security with Angular JS
  4. Frontend Workflows with Grunt and Angular JS
  5. Testing Strategies for Angular JS
  6. Advanced Directives with Angular JS (Part 1)
  7. Advanced Directives with Angular JS (Part 2)